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There’s big hole in the world of cards. And it’s shaped exactly like The Hallmark Studio.

The Hallmark Studio presents a fresh face for Hallmark, championing innovation & creativity, and targeting a new generation of card buyer with products you wouldn’t traditionally expect from Hallmark. We’ve developed the Hallmark Studio brand by using consumer insight to shape both the overarching brand and the new collections within it.

Under Hallmark Studio, you'll see ranges such as like Studio Ink, Shoebox and Hall & Co - each with it's own very special personality and style.

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Studio ink

The Studio Ink range from the Hallmark Studio is a quirky mix of trend led designs. The collection has been developed by the young designers, artists and writers in the Hallmark Studio.

Perfect fit 

Perfectly unpolished, perfectly sized, perfectly priced, Studio Ink is a little bit different.  


Cards for ‘generation nexters’ connecting with other ‘generation nexters’. These card shoppers are worth over £50m per year to the card category and are mostly younger consumer segments who look for something to catch their eye.

  • 30 cards covering birthday, thinking of you, love and ‘just because’ sends
  • Cards have an artist profile on the back 
  • RRP £2.05, code 70
  • Range based on individual, small collections, regularly refreshed
  • Unique postcard sized format with co-ordinated envelope


Our new humour range of edgy cards that don’t mind too much about crossing the line. From clever and sarcastic to offbeat and edgy, cards in the Shoebox collection are always quick and funny. 

Comedic collaborations

Within the Shoebox range you’ll also find our ‘Putting new comedy in the spotlight’ cards – all featuring great one-liners from up and coming comedians. 


Shoebox is aimed at an two audiences called ‘humourous connectors’ and ‘confident & convenient’ who collectively account for over £50m of card sales per year

  • 128 humorous designs, simply executed
  • All non-captioned/blank for different occasions
  • From RRP £1.75, code 50, FF sized
  • Newness added every 12 months
  • Supported by in-store point-of-sale material.

Hall & Co

Hall & Co is the new brand exclusively designed for specialist card retailers by the Hallmark studio. Hall & Co is about bringing back thought and care to card giving.


We're bucking the trend of throwaway, conveyor belt cards, to create timeless classics that people will hold on to, keep close, frame, never throw away.

  • Premium card customers, seeking value from design and innovation
  • 76 designs across 8 exquisite ranges – designed to be treasured
  • Combines, quality craftsmanship, beautiful papers, finest process and bespoke design
  • Birthday and open cards for female family and friends and cards for special occasions
  • Limited edition
  • Supported by in-store point-of-sale material.
Hallmark Studio

As The Hallmark Studio we promise to deliver cards that live up to our unique values:
Inspired creativity, Energy, Adventure, Magic (more than logic), Trend setting, Putting our hearts into everything

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