Environmental Policy Statement

Hallmark Cards PLC is a market leader in the greetings industry, supplying a range of high street chains as well as its own successful retail outlets. Hallmark recognises its impact on the environment and the multi environmental media to which it potentially has a damaging effect. At the same time, it is acknowledged that in order to succeed as a business Hallmark relies on the resources the earth provides and it would be detrimental to the business to act in an unsustainable manner. All our activities will comply with all regulatory legislation, consents and codes and we will build positive relationships with all regulatory agencies. Hallmark Cards PLC strives for environmental excellence and aim to lead the way in environmental best practice within the greetings industry, in pursuit of continual improvement. By being committed environmental custodians and working with our supply chains in partnership we aim to minimise any environmental impacts that our activities may have. Our use of environmental management systems, certified to ISO14001, help us to measure, report and improve performance by reducing resource consumption and driving efficiency within the business. Hallmark acknowledges that each of its employees has a duty to the environment in which they operate, and as such provide environmental training for those roles that are exposed to the greatest environmental risks.

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