Celebrating 30 years of friendship

All this year we have been celebrating 30 years of friendship with Forever Friends. We have seen some fantastic national coverage in The Sun, Scottish Sun, The Express and The Daily Star. The coverage was focused on our Friendship report which we commissioned to help us get under the skin of modern friendships. This is all part of the ongoing work that we do to make sure we really understand friendships in all their shapes and sizes, to make sure our products are relevant to all types of relationships. Now as part of our celebration of friendships, we’ve done even more research into what makes a best friend so special, and one of the most important and unique friendships we have in our lives. We conducted a poll of 2000 people to uncover what the top 30 signs of a best friend are which we are sharing with the media to keep Forever Friends in the spotlight this year.

We also took to the streets to talk to real friends and see what it is that makes their best friend so special. Have a look at what they had to say here.

All this week we will be talking to our Facebook and Twitter communities about Friendship and running form fantastic competitions, why not share these on your social pages and get involved in the friendship activity this week. To order from the collection visit our trade site.