We wouldn't be anywhere without our people. And our people have one thing in common; they're all incredibly talented. They have a passion for creating and crafting fresh ideas, and a real insight into human emotion. When you put all that talent in one place, it's amazing what happens.

Our designers


Senior Designer, Properties and Licensing

Frances Frances
My job in three words:

Fun, Creative, Random

I get to design the cards - the fun stuff. This involves plugging into emerging trends and colour palettes to create products.

The thing I love most about Hallmark is working in a creative environment with lots of like-minded people.

We’re encouraged to go on training courses and day trips to inspire us and develop our skills.


Senior Designer, Humour Team

Dalia Clark Dalia
My job in three words:

Exciting, Unique, Dynamic

I am responsible for creating new concept ideas, unique illustrations, character designs, typography, inspiration boards and layout formats.

The Humour Team is responsible for creating the humour content for the Hallmark brand and other exclusive products.

I’ve created many new looks and signatures as well as designing cards for different ranges. My job enables me to do something I really love!

Meet the Hallmark teams

More about Designers

More about Designers

Hallmark graphic designers are responsible for creating greeting cards, giftwrap, marketing materials and much, much more. They bring the latest trends and their own personal style to every Hallmark product. On paper or online, they combine artistic talent and expertise with real emotion in everything they do.


Carmel McHugh Carmel

There's such a great variety of work here at Hallmark, I love it as I get to work across all styles and genres of cards. I also really enjoy working in the studio; it's a really creative and vibrant place with no shortage of inspiration.

I recently joined a team that allows me to tailor all my designs and development using the specific insights and information. This has taught me a lot about different areas of the business and how they all link together.


Hallmark photographers

Whether the shots are still life, 'real' life or the silly side of life, Hallmark's photographers have to expect the unexpected - it comes with the territory.

Their aim; to capture the most compelling images imaginable. When they're not behind the camera, they're busy brainstorming concepts, editing and scouting locations.


Victoria Baker Victoria

Working at Hallmark provides the perfect outlet for channelling my creativity and developing technical skills. We have a great working environment at Hallmark.

As well as styling and shooting, I also work alongside Art Directors to develop projects, briefs and trends, which makes life exciting and extremely dynamic.

Writers & Editors

Hallmark Writers & Editors

Words don't come easy. Unless you're a Hallmark writer or editor. They're extremely adept at crafting prose and using words to help people share their wishes and feelings - even their sense of humour. It takes a deep understanding of what really matters to our consumers for our wordsmiths to tailor a message so it's relevant, personal and expresses perfectly what can be so hard to actually say.

Clare - WRITER

Clare Gowney Clare

I love listening to and reading about people, finding new ways to say the things we all feel. It's always an exciting challenge to get into the personality and voice of a collection.

I thrive on the combination of collaboration and creativity – working with a designer, blending images and editorial into something that feels just right for the brief.


Hallmark Illustrators

Our illustrators use their skills to develop new products, create memorable characters and tell enchanting stories. They use the latest in digital technology to create their work and are busy defining what great illustration will mean in this new age of communication.


Russell Wilson Russell

As a Hallmark illustrator I spend my days creating new characters and scenarios with a variety of different styles and techniques.

I like to maintain my individual style, but also enjoy digging into research materials to examine trends in design, typography, fine art, fashion and popular culture. This sometimes takes my work in unexpected new directions.


Hallmark Typographers

Hallmark employ typography specialists who understand the power of well-crafted type design. They bring creative flair and styling to everything from cards and giftwrap to gifts and packaging. They capture the essence of every sentiment with elegant flourishes, intricate detailing or childlike lines. Their passion for their craft shines through every pen stroke.


Sam Gent Sam

Typography is my passion; funky hand lettering, beautiful script, contemporary, bold, decorative, illustrative or embellished - you get the picture.

The beauty of working at Hallmark is being able to work with typography every day. Laying out type, being inspired by vintage lettering from our archives or creating lettering by hand, I get to do it all. Words are important after all!