The creative studio

Hallmark creative studio is one of the largest groups of creative professionals in the world! Over eighty people work in our studio, creating innovative products and services to help our customers communicate, connect and celebrate.

We’re a creative bunch who grab inspiration from anywhere. Our fabulous in-house libraries and art exhibits, new product development brainstorms and workshops - they all help to bring fresh and inspiring perspectives into our everyday world. At Hallmark we love what we do, and it shows in our work.

The talent
Designer at computer
Man & Woman

Our environment

Our creative studio stretches across the whole top floor of Hallmark head office. As we’re creative, our environment is too! We have different breakout areas where we can  get together, present and brainstorm ideas.

We also have a pretty cool chill-out zone, which we revamped ourselves. It’s where we  have huddles, lunchtime gatherings, and includes a great gallery space for exciting new  ideas still in the pipeline.

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